Canvas Artistry is a collective art space dedicated to artists of all mediums. Different artists’ work is cohesively displayed, contributing to the landscape and the ambiance of our venue. The 9,000 square foot space was redesigned with environmentally friendly practices and offers a platform for artists to enhance their vision and offer viewers a heightened experience of their work. Canvas Artistry is located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, at 1 Central. The beautiful view from the third floor offers a multi-platform schedule of art, food, coffee, cocktails, and entertainment.

Renowned artist El Moisés is leaving his mark as a contemporary artist that brings the essence of urban culture and barrio flavor to light. His work is recognized on CD covers, books, motorcycles, murals and product labels. The Chicano, American, Native American and Mexican cultures that are reflected in his art pieces influence the foundation of his artwork. Narrating history, culture, visions and street life, he creates the core elements of a chic, vibrant cornucopia. The artist’s distinctive style is bright, intense and exhilarating with countless strokes of brilliant colors flowing in all directions layered on his images, often distorted and surreal, bordered in a bold black outline. Inspired by his roots, El Moisés accents his wood carved frames with a Native American and/or Mexican folk art touch often bringing the artwork outside of the square dimension. El Moisés persistently creates innovative, inimitable work that conveys wit, ethnicity and sincerity. The lively, extraordinary artworks of El Moisés tell stories that are at times humorous, moving and often derived from a current event or a life experience.

El Moisés currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He continuously exhibits and is currently working on new projects throughout the United States, Japan and Italy. Keep in touch with El Moisés and his new undertakings on his website and social media.

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I’m a Burque bred, spending the majority of my childhood in the heart of Martinez town with my grandparents. Being raised around all the amazing things a hispanic upbringing had to offer: tortillas, catholicism, lowriders, beautiful spanish community. My youth was utilized recreating cartoons and honing my skills in portraiture. It was all leading up to having a portfolio worthy enough to land me a spot in art school. After a stint in art school, I spent about a decade refining my craft and traversing my way through the fine art community. In a happy accident, I landed an apprenticeship through Black Rose tattoo shop, which opened the door to a whole other world of imagery rooted in its own traditions which is something that I have always valued in my art. As of late my visual language has become a love letter to my culture, building narratives as the creative process unfolds. Always striving to pay homage to lowriders, beautiful spanish women and the Veteranos that I grew up around. I’m more of a visual artist so sometimes I can’t convey my outlook but I have always embraced this quote:

When offered a choice between dueling interpretations, you should opt for elegant and generous stories over vulgar, boring and unimaginative tales. While the no-nonsense, just-the-facts approach may seem to explain everything just fine, I assure you that there will always be catalytic enigmas lurking beneath the surface. This is one time when poet John Keats’ rule will be in full effect: “If something is not beautiful, it is probably not true.” Transcend the obvious, please! Rebel against the ravaging numbness of plain old everyday ugliness.

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Miguel Martinez but my Family and friends call me “Migz”. My creative experiences started at age 5 when I was given my first sketchbook. From that point on, art spread like a wildfire throughout most aspects of my life. Creativity itself became the “lifeblood” my mind, body, and soul required to function in a perspective of peace. Art has been one of the few consistencies my life has required and maintained. I am a collector of worldwide art, a partaker of the artistic industries. I have come to appreciate the journey needed to understand the limitless range of all things creative. My respect for the artistic world was given to me through 6 generations of artisans of Northern New Mexico and I couldn’t be more grateful for that wisdom.

Hats off to anyone and everyone who carries the courage to not only develop the artistic expressions needed for the cultural and social growth of the generations that follow but to those who also have the courage to share it!       – Migz


“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”

– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Founder of Por Vida tattoo, Bale started tattooing in 2005 and specializes in freehand black and gray style tattoos. When Bale is not working on his next clients tattoo, he enjoys illustration and reading. Bale enjoys following in the footsteps of other legendary tattoo artists and enjoys most, keeping the tradition going. He always brings his passion for tattoos and art to any project he takes on.

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