During morning afternoon and dinner service hours we gravitate toward intricate rhythms, lush musical textures, and soulful vocals to help you enjoy your meal and company to the fullest extent. Once dinner has come to a close, our deejays plug in to celebrate the best in Golden Era Old School Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin inspired music, and on occasion, House music. Along with our featured deejays, we also regularly schedule live musicians. Check our Events Schedule to stay up to date on which deejays and live artists we are featuring.

Featured Deejays

Come in and enjoy the music!

For all booking inquiries, please call Jesus Gomez.



Albuquerque native born and raised in the heart of the city, influenced by the sounds of the Barrio, the groove of disco and the love of the Hip Hop culture …. he became a b boy in elementary school in the early 80’s, transformed to a graffiti writer, graduated to an emcee and is now a student of the turntables. With the feel of the 80’s, love of the 90’s and a natural blend of the 2000’s Speed One has put together a groove with a little something for everyone …… from the backyard boogie …. night club vibe … or concert setting …. he has became a true veteran of styles ….. Speed One.

Wae Fonkey

The world famous straight outta Jemez DJ Wae Fonkey is one of the best party rocking DJ’s in Albuquerque. He has been mixing music professionally since 2009, and his skill and show’s keep improving every year. Perfection and love of the craft is his driving force for his DJing. He has also been nominated as the Alibi’s best DJ in 2016 and 2017, and won runner up in 2016. Wae Fonkey has opened up for many touring acts such as Camp Lo, Psycho Relm, and Big Daddy Kane.

Diamond Tip

DJ Cello

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